Última: Reconciling the Masculine

December 1, 2012
South Broadway Cultural Center
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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  1. Awesome. I love hearing you speak, mija. I love you.

  2. Michelle, this is stunning, beautiful work. I am so honored to be a witness and observer. I think about what I understand about how you are organizing and living your life and I think there’s no true other way than this: community, art, love. You’re walking the path so many want to or believe they are. You inspire me.

    • Dawn, this means so much to me coming from you. I, too, am honored to be witness to your work and the unfolding of your story. You inspire me.

  3. oh so very strong, you look beautiful and sound brilliant. Ultima would be so proud of your voice.

    • Gracias, Deborah, for your support and your work that inspires.

  4. Some day I want to hear you and other feminist writers–both female and male–write about how men can and do heal the profound wound of having been raised to believe the lie that they, simply through the accident of their gender, are superior to women–even superior to their beloved mother gave them their very life and generously put their needs before their own since before they can remember.

    It’s an ancient lie, very, very, very deep in human consciousness, but it surfaces in every slap across a beloved partner’s face, every kick, every beating for suspected infidelity, etc., etc. Born, I think, out of fear, It creates such self-loathing and corrodes human relationships.

    Please write about it and, most importantly, success stories–that is, boys, girls, men and women who recognized the lie & overcame it.

    Thank you, Michelle.

    • That’s a great challenge, Mary. Malinche’s Daughter explores some of this, through story, rather than head on. I think you should issue this challenge on your Facebook page. Your circles would have much to say.

  5. So powerful! So healing. Gracias.

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