What Now?, Part I: Chocolate and The News

The Draft

Last Wednesday, my dear college friend Luci met me at Dulles International Airport with her two lovely children and a bag of five Godiva-dipped Oreo cookies. I did not know that such otherworldly creations existed and was not disappointed when, one short hour later, I sat on her couch and took my first bite of chocolate since November 30 (Read The Plan, Part I). I had pledged to:

  • write every day (except Christmas) during the month of December.
  • have a messy draft of Vessels by January 1.
  • spend the first month of 2011 revising.
  • send the book out in early February.
  • not eat chocolate until the book is done.

Those two months that I spent writing every day, I remembered that I am disciplined and focused. I internalized the message that I am a writer. Now that I know this again, I get to ask myself where I go from here. What will keep me invigorated as a writer? How do I engage in my community? How do I gently allow other things into my life without fear that I will not write?

I also learned that I need more time with my book. Vessels is not ready to send out. I wrote a few weeks ago that there is a difference between thinking about writing and actually doing it. My “if-only-I-had-time-to-write fantasies” were built on the belief that I could transform my nonfiction blob into a publishable book in only two months. Some writers can do this. Perhaps one day, with a different story, I will be one them. Right now, with this story, I am not. I needed all of December and January just to get the story down. Now I need a few months to turn it into a book. I ate chocolate anyway because knocking out a draft, albeit a messy one, is a big deal and worthy of celebration, and because those of you who made a devotion agreed to walk with me on this part of the journey, and because I promised a chocolate party to anyone who joined the Vessels Team.

Team members, expect an invitation soon to a private celebration and reading of Vessels-in-progress. Blog subscribers and other friends, you are an important part of this community, so please look for photos and video from the reading in early March.

Though Vessels is still in-progress and the Steelers lost the Super Bowl, there is still much to celebrate. I am a writer again. I turned 39. And…here comes the exciting news…Henry and I are engaged.

That’s right. Henry Rael and I are getting married in October. I think marriage is a great thing to gently allow into my life.

Read “What Now?, Part II: Engaged” on Tuesday, February 15.

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  1. Great! I am made so happy by public commitments to love. That’s wonderful news– about the book plan AND the October wedding

  2. Hey! Congratulations (on both)!

  3. Michelle!!! Congratulations, on all of it!!! I am very excited for you 🙂 Big hugs!

  4. Well that is fantastic news, first the book (messy first drafts ROCK!) and the officialness of the engagement…. you seem to fit well together, and it feels like there is an abundance of kindness in your home.
    Un abrazo para ti!

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