Writing into 2011, Part I

As pledged, I wrote every day—except Christmas—in December!

A few days were tough. Henry and I drove to Deming the Wednesday before Christmas to visit my parents. We got a late start out of Albuquerque as the sun was setting and reached the house where I grew up long after my parents had eaten dinner. My mom and dad warmed up some tacos for us and opened a bottle of wine. We chatted around their kitchen table until after midnight. I couldn’t sleep that night. Henry and I were on a tight schedule, and I was nervous about being able to see my brothers and their families before driving back to Albuquerque on Christmas Eve morning. I hadn’t finished shopping or wrapping gifts. (On a deeper level, I wondered how to simplify future Christmases, but we’ll save that for another blog post.) And with each passing hour, I knew the chances of my leaving the house at 6:30 the next morning to write at Denny’s, were narrowing. I woke up tired and cranky at 8, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and slung a tote bag, with my laptop inside, over my shoulder. As I walked the hall from my bedroom to the kitchen, the devil on my shoulder said I could write later, after breakfast and a nap. By the time I reached the kitchen, he had talked me into going back to bed.

My mom was pouring a cup of coffee. She kissed my cheek, said good morning, and asked, “Are you going to write?”

I heard myself say, “Yes.” And then I was in my car, pulling into the Denny’s parking lot along Interstate 10. I ordered tea and toast and water with no ice. I opened my laptop and revised an essay on a hard relationship that kicked my butt in my early thirties. The writing was ugly. Every decision I made to cut here or deepen there felt wrong. I knew only four verbs and used them all improperly.

I wanted to be in bed. I wanted to drink a pot of coffee. I wanted to be anywhere but in front of my laptop, working on my book.

But I stayed and wrote. And the next day I wrote again. And here it is, the first week of 2011, and I am still writing.

Part II on Writing into 2011 coming Tuesday, January 11.

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  1. Hooray for you. I’m proud of you, mija. Love you.

  2. adelante! Good for you, Michelle. My poetry sisters & I talked about how EVERYTHING (even a sinkful of dishes) can take our attention away from writing. Now who in the world would choose to wash dishes over sitting with a poem……?????

    • Unlike writing, washing the dishes yields near-immediate results. 🙂

  3. I’m with you in spirit, Michelle. I’ve been editing my novel for almost two months now and plan to be done before the end of the month if it kills me. You are an inspiration!

    • Welcome, Cathy!
      Thinking of you, writing and being a mom and working full-time, inspires me. I’m thrilled to be on this journey with you, amiga.

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